I’ve decided…

It’s an action! We come up with ideas, plans, goals and even dreams all the time, but how often do we ACT on them or take the steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!??!! I know I’ve had lots of dreams, goals, ambitions… BIG PLANS FOR MY FUTURE…but rarely have I acted on them. Until now, I’ve put my FEAR to the side, swallowed my pride, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and have decided to just let my true colors come out. I have a purpose in this life. I have a calling, a destiny, a life to be proud of! I have goals, but those goals don’t achieve themselves now do they?!! It’s time that I decide to stop being lazy and make these PLANS I have for myself a reality!
HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO THAT??? Simple, by taking the first step. Making a list of things I know I HAVE to do, things I know I CAN do, and things I know I want to do. Cross out the list of the things I have to do, because those are the no brainers like taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Then I cross out the list of the things I CAN do, because that list distracts me from the list that really matters. The things I WANT to do in this life. What I want to be, What I want to feel, Where I want to go, Who I want to see, Who I want to touch, What I want to convey to this world, What message I want to bring, What hopes I want to empower, What purpose I have for this life. This is the list I will concentrate on. This is the list I will broadcast and show you all soon.


3 thoughts on “I’ve decided…

    • Thanks for your comment I feel that anything encouraging and inspiring should be shared. I have no fear of anyone stealing my “words so to speak… Anything positive and uplifting and a matter of fact that can help and motivate others should be given freely. That’s why I’m here, I care about others and have an honest unbiased view on some tough subjects. Any feedback or advice is more tha. Welcome me and I will do my best to appeal to my audience and express my appreciation and gratitude for their opinions

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  1. A little at a time and if you have achieved at least one thing, there’s room for more.
    Go for what you want. I feel you will get there!
    Best wishes!

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