Hmm.. Who knew?! You’re allowed to have your own opinion!

It’s okay to question everything you’ve ever  been taught.  If living life conformed to the views and skepticisms of the world around us and never once daring to ask questions, learn and grow in our own unique ways…then what is the point. The most amazing discoveries, influences and inventions came from the very same kind of people the world makes fun of and judges. While I agree that we must own and correct our own selves, we shouldn’t hold the universe or its surroundings liable for the paths and decisions we chose to we embark  on. The only sure way to obtain peace and happiness is through practice. practice patience more often. Practice kindness everyday practice love efficiently practice gratitude and nobleness creatively and then look with in our own issues and select goals and plans that are directly in your path for a purpose. Don’t be fooled by the fear of turning a few heads and being laughed at. Noah was mocked and ridiculed but he carried on with building the ark that would be needed. Suddenly that Noah guy seemed to be cried out to…but it was to late to open the ark back up inside and let it our without fearful drowning hands trying to get in the very ark they cursed and laughed at. I have written way to much for now but certainly do want to add in that with true genuine love and compassion there are no questions or worries about what has and/or could go wrong. There’s only this moment to live, learn, and girls that we have to be able to explore our own ways and ideas and the world Around us only puts  out as much effort into being better and doing good as we ask it to and do our selves. Follow your own destiny and choose to do good work even for those who do not deserve it. All the rest will fall in place as it should. You only need to forgive yourself, let go of the past and move forward with positive affirmations that you are allowed to believe in that which serves as a good thing and enjoyable to your unique and individual benefit. You should not feel ashamed for believing or living or being different than what was originally taught to you. We are meant to strive and grow… Why set limitations on increasing our knowledge and experiences in life. I am not sure if I will ever be able to explain entirely what my message to others should convey so I will hold instead that to whom ever reads it will interpret it and utilize it for the goodness of their own unique soul.



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