Her Battle

Shamed and confused, she dared to refuse. A decision that now haunts her.Running away seemed like the only way, to her she had nothing left to stand for.

Inside her own self she played out the worse case scenario. Creating the waves that swept through her own life she never saw the others trying to rescue her.

Disrepair that clings to her existence she holds it with persistence. How does she not see the ruins?

Shaking their heads, they throw down their hands and pray someday she will find herself in the wreckage she created from her own fears and thoughts.

When she finally screams out for help, will there be anyone who can save her?

Her strength has decayed and her noble old soul fades further away from her.

Allowing the pain, the suffer and blame she hasn’t been able to grab any reaching hands.

Her weakness baffles her to the point where she doesn’t know how to do this anymore.

she shuts down in silence and anger. Why not give in and let her mind win. She doesn’t know what’s become of her. Given the chance to make amends she would trade it all to be better. secretly lost in a world of her own minds torture.

She tries to defeat the enemy on her own but it’s strength just over powers her.

Down to her knees she sees only one way to stop the craziness from taking completely over.

Little she knows of the hope that surrounds her. blinded by guilt and ridiculed dispute she lays down the rest of her armour.

Darkness is welcomed she quits and cowards to her own deception.

No one else is there to see the tears, to them she’s wasted her gifted spirit.


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