Random Positivity

Not sure if I can begin to explain or express my sincere feelings correctly that anyone would understand at this moment. However, it is vital that I make it a point to anyone who is suffering from depression, mental illness, addiction, or guilt or shame or that ugly negative cloud of blurriness… You need to know that you are special. You are deserving. You are worthy. You are unique. You have a place in this universe and its your right and your responsibility to make sure you hold tight to that and don’t give in to the darkness. There’s no way to get to the intended place you are meant to be in if you stop fighting.
It’s not supposed to be easy. It’s not meant to be painless. It’s not going to be what you want it to be right when you want it to be. It’s going to be what you need. It’s going to make you strong but it’s going to break you down and empty your pride and your stubbornness and ensure that you damn well understand and know that you have to pay attention again to the signs. Pay attention to your intuition! Your intuition is your soul speaking to you! You know what you are not doing to help yourself. Why is it that you will help others but you refuse to help yourself? You have to be able to save your own life before you can expect to save another.
It’s not over. It’s not hopeless and its far from the end!
That pain you feel, that’s life speaking to you!!  Crying out for you to listen and learn and grow. It wants you to be strong enough to endure its greatest battles and wars. It wants you to be strong and effective. It longs for you to rejoice and be happy. It knows what you need and maybe it’s not what you want at the moment but you have to believe and be grateful for it anyways. If you are blocked by negative energies and painful days and nights that never seem to give you a moment of rest…then its time to take action and pay attention. Get rid of what is making you unhappy and swallow that ego and pride and humble yourself to life and start living in a way that you can be satisfied with. Start listening. Start loving. Start forgiving and stop expecting anything. No expectations,  no favors with the intention of receiving one, no acts of kindness that are displayed loudly. Just live right, love because love is kind and pure. Be the best example of what life is made of. Be you.



8 thoughts on “Random Positivity

  1. Good job. Focused. Lots of energy. You’re on a quest and sharing. Great. Thanks for stopping by and reading one of my posts, clicking like and follow (I’m following, look forward to sharing your adventure, doing fine).

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  2. Depression etc. . . .is affecting so many people and what we should realise it’s not just a few singled out. A’s I’ve said before you have to make the best of your life and people need to listen when people are indeed enduring stressful situations. I personally believe you are doing very well and enjoy reading your blogs!
    Best wishes.

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