Christina’s Thoughts…life, love, happiness…say what?

I’m new to this blogging thing; but I’m giving it a shot! I’m just like you. An ordinary woman with a whole lot on my brain. Sometimes, I can’t even make sense out of the things that pop into my mind at any given time. I want to inspire, motivate and create smiles on your faces. I want to share my experiences with you, all of them. The good, the bad, the shameful, the joyful, the exciting times, the troubled times, and my most embarrassing times I wish for no one to know. I’m putting it all out there… so either love or hate me at the end of the day I’m still going to be me and I’m still going to continue living this beautiful life while convincing each of you of how deserving and beautiful you are. We’re all a part of this great big universe and I’m following my heart to bring about something positive in it.

Smiles, tears, guilt, troubled years, goals set and accomplished, bad behavior, shameful truths… My stories have meaning and hold valuable lessons. If I touch and help just one person’s life with my truths and life experiences, then I fulfilled one of my missions in life.


7 thoughts on “Christina’s Thoughts…life, love, happiness…say what?

  1. We live in a time of selfishness and greed, so for me while you are caring and well meaning don’t take on more than your stress levels can bear.
    Remember you’re one human being, and make sure you are proud to be you!
    Best wishes.

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  2. Don’t let anyone get you down.

    Haters gonna hate, let them. People gonna tell you that you can’t, show them.

    You are both your best friend and worst enemy, your biggest critic and your best support.

    You got this.

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  3. Christina, the greatest aspect of blogging are the connections we can make. People who want to share their world with others. My rather long winded way of saying thank you for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs!

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  4. Thank you for following my blog! I remember being ‘new’ at this. It takes a little tending a garden. A small amount of attention can grow something amazing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Welcome to my-‘bench’ – Hope to see you again soon.

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